Your Biggest Strength

Your Biggest Strength

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Based on your cognitive functions and personality type, these are your biggest strengths.

Te, pragmatism

Dominant function of ENTJs and ESTJs

Auxiliary function of INTJs and ISTJs

These users analyze, organize the world, and plan their actions according to well-defined methods. The goal is to get to their destination in the simplest, most direct and efficient way possible.

Their ability to detach themselves from their emotional and sentimental part in their decision-making makes them very objective and rational. Keeping a cool head in all situations, they know how to make tough decisions and not let themselves or others drift away. Knowing how societal hierarchies and people operate, they know how to play the game and use it to their advantage.

Comfortable in competitive environments and determined to succeed, they know how to defend themselves but also how to cooperate best with others. Truth be told, besides knowing how to achieve personal success, no one is better suited than them to lead a team or business to success and recognition.

Ti, understanding

Dominant function of INTPs and ISTPs

Auxiliary function of ENTPs and ESTPs

Ti users seek to forge a functioning logic of the world around them in order to have a precise and deeper understanding of everything. During their lifetime, Ti users accumulate a great deal of knowledge about the world, and more specifically, about their fields of interest.

Prioritizing their own understanding of how things work, they are able to come to inferences that regularly turn out to be true, even when they have no explicit proof of what they are saying.

No matter how complex a situation, they take the time to dissect, analyze the facts, locate the flaws and answer their questions, making them masters in the art of problem-solving. These users tend to excel in trades that require great analytical skills.

Proud of their objectivity and competence, they take responsibility for opening people’s eyes to the truth (which they cherish so much) in order to lead others away from ignorance.

Fe, relating

Dominant function of ENFJs and ESFJs

Auxiliary function of INFJs and ISFJs

Fe users have a keen awareness of how people around them feel and act to maintain social harmony and kindness towards one another. They understand others, what is important to them, what they like and what they hate, and they act on it.

Social relationships are very important to them. They maintain them regularly by hearing from their loved ones and will always be available for them when needed.

Their comfort with others usually makes the people around them feel comfortable as well. These users listen, pay attention to people’s reactions and naturally share their feelings during discussions. By wearing their emotions on their sleeves, they facilitate emotional communication and give themselves to you as a subtle way of inviting you to do the same.

Their natural empathy and consideration of human relationships makes them the pillars of groups and families, through which we know the meaning and importance of peace and love.

Fi, valuing

Dominant function of INFPs and ISFPs

Auxiliary function of ENFPs and ESFPs

Continuously exploring themselves in search of who they are and what they really want in life, Fi users manage to establish an intimate and inexplicable connection with who they really are, how they feel, what they love, and what is important to them.

In addition to being authentic, they have an innate sense of what is right and wrong in any situation. This allows them to constantly act in accordance with who they are and their own code of ethics, which they respect more than anything else.

In a world where keeping quiet and fading into the crowd is the simplest way to be accepted by all, Fi users become the anchor. Without their fierce independence,  the world would lose its humanity and gradually drift into injustice, cruelty, or intolerance.

Acting as society’s moral compass, they inspire us to reconnect to who we really are and act for the well-being of all.

Se, experiencing

Dominant function of ESFPs and ESTPs

Auxiliary function of ISFPs and ISTPs

Se users are the most anchored in the reality of the moment. They are constantly aware of what is happening and how things are happening.

Knowing the reality of things also means knowing the most exciting things to do. Indeed, they love to engage in life’s most exciting sensory experiences, fascinated by the sensations they bring.

Their need for new adventures can be expressed through the desire to try new dishes, discover new countries, practice sports (sometimes in competition), take roadtrips, or in general, any sensational experience (with dubious security). But living life is also making life happen, and these users are the masters when it comes to creating the moment. Getting noticed is routine, especially for the extroverted, driven by the desire to make every moment the best.

In addition to bringing others back to the purest reality of things, Se users reconnect the people around them with the simple beauty of the present moment by teaching them to live it fully.

Si, preserving

Dominant function of ISFJs and ISTJs

Auxiliary function of ESFJs and ESTJs

Si users are the most attentive to the details of what they experience. Possessing increased sensory acuity to their own experience, they are likely to remember many of their past experiences. Their past, therefore, acts as a guide for the present.

This trust in the past and in the way things used to happen gives them the most stable life possible. By repeating what has brought them comfort in the past, they achieve the security and certainty they cherish so much. Their natural discipline allows them to maintain healthy lifestyles and overall good health. Their sense of duty and responsibility makes them trustworthy people.

Their sometimes serious appearance could make others forget that Si users are the pillars of society. Without them we would lose our traditions, our cultures, and the most essential values on which we are built upon.

Ne, innovating

Dominant function of ENFPs and ENTPs

Auxiliary function of INFPs and INTPs

Users of Ne are constantly attracted to what is not, what is not yet, or what could be. They are able to see the potential of every situation, of every person, and how things could evolve.

It is not uncommon to see these users trying to answer questions that do not make any practical sense, and which often have no use at all. In fact, they are only interested in broadening the discussion towards alternative realities, in order to feed their insatiable intellectual curiosity. 

At the heart of society’s most consequent innovations, Ne users act as a source of fresh air for everyone, emancipating themselves from the overrated to highlight the full potential of life in order to find more ways to live life to the fullest.

Ni, imagining

Dominant function of INTJs and INFJs

Auxiliary function of ENTJs and ENFJs

Ni users perceive abstract and complex images of the world, allowing them to see the big picture and the deepest patterns. These images are the result of unconscious associations of various lived impressions, making them both transcendent and inexplicable.

This is why it is common for them to have visions of what is going to happen … that turn out to be right. Their intuition allows them to pierce the surface of reality and thus reach the hidden meaning of each thing or situation. Thus, conscious of the meaning and consequences of each of their actions, they are able to move precisely towards the vision they wish to achieve.

In the ocean of possibilities and information represented by the chaos of life, Ni users know how to find a higher order. This goes back to the root of things and allows them, as well as others, to find a meaningful direction to follow in order to fulfill themselves and find (or at least get closer to) lasting happiness.