Who You Should Be Dating According To Your Personality Type

Who you should be dating based on your personality type

INTJ: Someone who can debate in depth with you and maintain decent arguments without ever being offended by yours. Someone you can learn from. Someone who respects your need for time alone, won’t push you to do things you don’t want to do, and won’t be non-compliant with social manners.

ESFP: Someone who listens to you, takes care of you and your well-being, and appreciates the way you put on the show. Someone who accepts your need to try different experiences, to go out, and who follows you from time to time. Someone who is funny, empathetic, and lightens your mood every day.

ENFP: A caring, moral, and interested person who shares your passions. Someone clever will also suit you perfectly because that person will open the door to thoughtful debates about anything you want but will also be structured to balance your sparkling state of mind. You need an independent person with dreams and ambitions for the future.

ISTJ: Someone willing to commit to a lasting relationship and who promises to always be loyal. Someone who respects your habits and ways of doing things and does not try to change them. Someone who is competent, not overly emotional, and who dares and takes initiatives to give you new and exciting experiences.

ENTJ: Someone who appreciates your honesty and will not complain in the face of the truth. Above all, you needย someone who accepts themselves completely and hides nothing, thus proving inner confidence. You also need someone who is capable of having deep conversations with interesting and stimulating visions.

ISFP: Someone who cares about making you feel good every day who isnโ€™t too confrontational, and who listens to your emotional needs. You need someone who admires your creations and shows interest in them, as well as your inner world, your feelings and the vibe you communicate to others.

INFP: Someone who fully accepts who you are and who appreciates your eccentricities and finds meaning in it all. This is even better if you have common interests. You need someone who helps you face your responsibilities. Someone who harmonizes and understands and identifies with you, whatever your mood. (Also, +1 if they have chocolate.)

ESTJ: Someone practical, intelligent, and ready to handle your very direct and straightforward way of communicating, as well as your need for order and structure in your daily life. Someone who has goals, who will appreciate your effective help in achieving them, and who will demonstrate their love in return.

ENTP: Someone very confident and ambitious, whether they show it or not. Someone who accepts your need to explore so many ideas at once and your lack of respect for standards of any kind. But above all, someone who is ready to challenge your way of thinking with precise and forceful arguments, turning discussions into truly interesting debates.

ISFJ: Someone who needs your empathy and genuine interest in his or her well-being. Someone who transforms your approach to life into something more adventurous, giving you the confidence to take ambitious initiatives, while still respecting your need to keep things in order.

ENFJ: Someone with a deep personality that they show only to you. Someone who is very intense in their values, cultivating uncommon passions. Someone surprising and eccentric. Someone who needs your time and attention, who will appreciate your daily positivity and who will brighten your day in return.

ISTP: Someone who is very direct and pragmatic, not overly emotional or requiring constant validation, nor pushing you to talk about your feelings. Someone who appreciates your logic and your ability to solve practical problems but who also helps you achieve your goals.

INTP: Someone who respects your need for free time and doesn’t push you to socialize or go out. Someone who is really interested in your theories, who gives you feedback, with whom you can explore very random topics with (in many directions). Someone who is lucid and very authentic and mysterious so you never get bored.

ESFJ: Someone who appreciates your caring and optimistic approach to life and is openly grateful in return. Someone who is passionate and willing to share their interests and deep values with you, while knowing what they want. Someone who is capable and comfortable making decisions for the both of you.

INFJ: Someone very passionate and compassionate, knowing who they really are and what theyโ€™re fighting for. Someone unpredictable, charming, and intelligent, with whom meaningful conversations can be pursued. Someone who accepts your need to get away from external stimuli to recharge your batteries, but above all, someone who accepts your true self behind your many layers.

ESTP: Someone who will appreciate your tendency to live in the moment, your energy, and who will follow your initiatives to engage in fun and exciting experiences. Someone who maintains a healthy and structured environment to meet your needs but still prioritizes your safety.