Understanding ESFJs

Understanding ESFJs

Juliette Swann, Founder of Birdy, gives some insights into her personality type (ESFJ/Swan). She explains why she thinks the way she does, and why harmony is so important for her, to help us improve our understanding of ESFJs.

💜 About Birdy

Getting to know someone without seeing a picture creates a connection based upon the mind, heart, and soul. This connection is both deep and meaningful. Unlike other matching and dating apps, Birdy connects people based on the compatibility of core aspects of their personality.

✨ Our “Why” & Mission For Birdy

“We created Birdy to transform relationships through understanding, making it easier to find people who speak the same ‘language’. By making people feel accepted and loved for who they are, Birdy has the ability to change how people see themselves and others” says Juliette Swann, founder of Birdy.

“The Birdy app allows users to be themselves– it’s a safe space for everyone.”

🤓 About Juliette

Juliette was born and raised in Paris, France. She has always been very connected to her own and other’s emotions, and has a particular interest in relationships.

After a five-year relationship with someone who she felt never really understood or accepted her, and a horse accident that broke her spine, she realized she was living a superficial life— wasting her precious time on the wrong people, while not even being true to herself. Juliette, on a journey to self-love, found the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), learned about herself, and made the decision to help other people accept themselves and understand their loved ones better.

Thus, the start of Birdy.

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