The Importance of Knowing and Embracing Your Personality

The Importance of Knowing and Embracing your Personality

And why this can change your life…

When you think of yourself, who do you see?

Beyond your physical appearance, who is the person behind the face?

And what makes you, you?

These all sound like pretty simple questions, right? But the truth is, most of us lead such busy lives that we rarely ever get the chance to check in with who we really are.

Instead, we define ourselves through our environment, our work, and our relationships.

And though these offer a glimpse into our inner workings – they don’t paint a full picture of our true selves. It’s no wonder why so many of us struggle with feeling misunderstood, lost, and discouraged… unable to just be.

Luckily, there is a guide that’ll reveal everything you need to know about yourself and your life path: your personality

And here’s why unlocking and embracing it will change your life forever. 

The Map to All Things ‘You’

Think of your personality type as a recipe or guide, one containing all the little things that make you different from anyone else in this world.  

This is the basis of your identity, which shapes your beliefs, your appearance, and your interactions.

And it can also reveal your true strengths and your gifts in this world.

But what happens if you have no idea what your personality type even is?

Well, you’ll most likely be following the wrong set of instructions because you’ll be doing what works or has worked for someone else. 

This is one key reason why so many people feel out of place. They’re evaluating themselves through someone else’s set of standards – parents, peers, or even institutions.

But inside you, there’s already a living, breathing universe with its own set of rules. And if you’re not listening to it, you’ll feel that something is wrong.

Listening to your own values, needs, and desires, based on your personality type will help you:

  1. Be kinder to yourself
  2. Accept your flaws and own your gifts
  3. Be more engaged in your relationships
  4. Become more self-aware
  5. Find your sacred calling
  6. Continue growing every day

And once you start following your own personal code, you’ll never be off track, no matter where you are in life or how many mistakes you make along the way.

Suddenly, things will just start clicking for you.

You’ll understand that it’s okay to do things based on what works for you and your limits

You’ll reevaluate what really matters to you and make positive changes to lead a more progressive life.

And you’ll even notice a shift in the kinds of people you’re attracting (more on that later.)

So, how do you know what kind of personality you have?

Unlocking Your Personality with MBTI

There are many tests and tools that assess your personality type based on various sets of key traits.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which is based on Jungian psychology, assigns you a personality type based on your preference between these 4 pair of traits:

  • Introversion / Extroversion (I/E) – your energy
  • Intuition / Sensing (N/S) – how you gather information
  • Thinking / Feeling (T/F) – how you process information 
  • Judging or Perceiving  (J/P) – your lifestyle orientation

Together, these combine to create one of the 16 rich and complex characters.

Although there are plenty of MBTI tests out there, we recommend you try our very own – which has a romantic and engaging spin on the test.

We use birds to represent each type and unique traits. Discovering your bird can also help you identify which types best complement your own. 🐦

All it takes is a quick test to find out!

Meet Your Perfect People

Are you falling into the same old relationship patterns?

Whether it’s with friends, family, or lovers – your knowledge (or lack thereof) of yourself and your boundaries  – will play a massive role in all of your personal dynamics.

And if you’re trying to understand those you love most, using the foundation of MBTI’s 16 personality types will be a huge aid.

All of a sudden you’ll also see why your parents and your closest friends are the way they are.

Want to know a secret? We believe that MBTI can even help you find your perfect match.

Knowing who you are is  the key to true intimacy.When you know yourself, you can be  at peace with being different, being flawed, and being human – because you know your worth.

And for those seeking life-long, meaningful connections, this mental shift will make all the difference. 

That’s the philosophy of Birdy, a personality matching platform that serves as both a social networking tool and a dating app.

Birdy uses your MBTI personality type to match you with folks who will bring out the best in you and vice versa, helping you form the romantic and platonic bonds that are often rare to find.

It’s time to start attracting the right kinds of people to accompany you on your journey.

Become the Wonderful Person You Already Are 

Knowing your personality is the first step in taking charge of your life.

With this personal compass, you’ll be p equipped to make the right decisions for you and follow your heart as you face each day. 

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with yourself, discover your untapped potential, surround yourself with good people, or find your dream partner, we’re here for you along your journey.  ❤️

You can download our app for Android or iOS, or learn more about yourself by taking our personality test and reading more about your specific personality type.

Written by Patricia Cárdenas, INFJ