How Each Personality Type Flirts

How Each Personality Type Flirts

ISFP: Laid back, unless you’re around each other. They really want to talk to you and confide in you about their feelings but don’t know what to say and are afraid of being wrong. They’ll unleash the passionately rough seas of their feelings for you in a poem or drawing to make you understand the depth of their desire. Fun and romantic when comfortable.

ENTJ: Very seductive confidence. Ask harsh questions to get to know you deeply and appreciate your honesty. Become physical with you, solve your problems, and even give up their work to be with you (for the special ones). Generally try to be clear about their intentions towards you.

ESFP: Stare at you smiling. Somehow manage to often appear around you. Strike up random conversations with you and laugh easily. They’re easy-going, natural charmers with everyone but there’s more below the surface. They love to discover what makes you tick and do all the things you love until you ask them out, or they ask you out directly.

INTJ: Have prepared a detailed plan to impress you. Brag about their latest success story. Compliment you on your intelligence. Enter silent panic mode if the date doesn’t go as planned and end up being spontaneous and taking great initiatives, not realizing how seductive that is.

ISTP: Don’t play the push and pull game and don’t waste their time talking for the sake of it. They’ll invite you to the bar or to take a ride with them, or directly ask you out. Expect actions as proof of their love, like defending you physically or winning a sports competition to present you with the winner’s prize.

ENFJ: Natural flirts but give you the priority of their attention. Know the social game and use it to put you at ease. Allow you to reveal yourself more than you ever did, while being more and more physical towards you to amplify the connection. Want you to feel cared for as proof of their love for you.

ESTP: Brazenly but charismatically show off to impress you. Crack their best jokes without falling short of sexual overtones. Lots of fun to be around. Provoke you if you don’t react enough. Become harmless so you realize they care, listen and understand you (but not for too long so you never get bored).

INFJ: Want to talk to you but don’t want to embarrass you. Avoid you and look at you when you don’t see them. Concerned about how they appear to you but may show very subtle and thoughtful signs of affection. Slowly open up and try to dig deep to analyze you. Aim for an authentic and meaningful relationship with you.

INTP: Shy and not at ease until they make lots of puns (and then they can’t stop). Want to make you feel good but don’t know how to. Realize seduction is easier in theory. Share something they’ve learned recently that you may not understand, even if they think it’s cool. With high confidence, they take very good care of you.

ESFJ: Take care of you like no one has ever done so that you never miss a thing. Ask you your likes and dislikes. Remember them forever. Literally the loveliest until they see someone hurting you and become the scariest people on earth. You suddenly realize their care wasn’t just politeness. Often showering you with compliments. 

ENTP: Get very playful around you. Taunt you to break the ice. Love to get lost in very deep and abstract conversations, while arguing a lot to figure you out at the same time. Try to understand your emotions (something rare). Defend you with witty punchlines, crushing your enemies’ ego.

ISFJ: Prefer to be chased because they don’t want to scare you off with their feelings. Approach you in subtle ways. Give you personal gifts, make you laugh with funny pickup lines, and get sarcastic and sassy once you’ve shown mutual attraction. More and more affectionate and romantic.

INFP: Nervous when you’re around. Might get the courage to talk to you, hoping you’ll accept their quirks. Ask you strange questions, blush in the cutest way, and once comfortable, become very playful and lively to the point you don’t even recognize them. But there’s still so much to learn.

ESTJ: Believe dating is serious—no time for silly subtleties. Upfront with their intentions. Demonstrate their skills and dedication by showing up at 2 a.m. to fix something without you asking for it and without expecting your thanks. Want your trust. Somewhat harsh but unexpectedly romantic.

ENFP: Very outgoing and bubbly but less with you. Think about you all the time. Ask you tons of questions. Go back to being flirty once at ease and may accidentally seduce people around you from time to time. Their madness and loving nature will make you forget they were late for the date. Offer you enough plans for a lifetime.

ISTJ: Assess the longevity of a potential relationship with you by asking personal and practical questions. Leave space for you in their schedule and even agree to go against their plans when you need their help. Listen carefully to your stories and remember the details they’re made of. Never betray you.