How (And Why) To Let Your Guard Down

How and why to let your guard down

What does it mean to let your guard down?  For some, just hearing those words sends shivers down their spines. Many people have learned that being vulnerable is synonymous with being weak, or that letting someone in means opening yourself to heartbreak. While there’s no denying that pain can happen when you move into a relationship, there is something beautiful to be said for loving someone completely and fearlessly.

When you choose to let your guard down, you are choosing to let someone fully in.

Not only is this the basis for a relationship that means something but it’s also healthy to grow and lean into the most authentic parts of ourselves. Here’s why this is so important:

You Can Finally Stop Pretending

As humans, we are prone to only share our best selves with the world. When it comes to our self-image, and even more so in the age of social media, we are so focused on how others see us that we forget who we really are.

We get so caught up in the chase of the latest and greatest things, or worse, how others perceive us, that we only show the best, polished versions of our lives—which actually creates more distance.

But if and when you choose to let your guard down, you finally stop pretending. You no longer have to carry the burden of being your “best self” or only displaying the shiniest parts of your personality. Instead, you can rest knowing you are accepted and loved for who you are—no masks.

You Can Find Likeminded People

When you choose to let your guard down, you are instantly surrounded by likeminded people, those who see you for you and want to go deeper. The vulnerability in sharing your heart and values can not only show others that they have the safe space to do the same, but it also creates a bond built upon mutual trust.

You won’t find the close friends or the deep relationships unless you are willing to go deeper. Otherwise, you will seem guarded and stoic, unable and unwilling to truly allow someone to see you for you. Only when you break down the walls do others feel they have a true space in your heart.

You Can Lean More Deeply Into Your Inner Self

We are all in pursuit of ourselves. Whether that manifests itself in dreams, in aspirations, in visions, or in shifts as we move through our lives, the more we choose to be vulnerable and let our guards down, the more deeply we can lean into our own lives and hearts.

There is the cliché “follow your heart” phrase, but it is actually true. We must follow our hearts—but we can only do this when we decide to be transparent about what we think, love, and feel.

You Can Find Peace

You can find a deeper sense of peace when you choose to let your guard down. Oftentimes, we unconsciously go through life with stress on our shoulders because we are trying to be people we aren’t, or trying to put up a façade to impress those around us. After doing this for so long, we don’t even realize how it’s holding us back: in our jobs, with our passions, in our relationships, and even in how we interact with the world.

The sooner we set down our burdens and let ourselves be free, the sooner we’ll find peace.

You Can Search For True Love

Love isn’t everything, but we won’t even be able to have a true glimpse at it unless we decide to pursue vulnerability—in both ourselves and others.

When we choose to unveil our secrets, break down our walls, and speak honestly and openly with the people around us, we are able to open our hearts to love. It is at this moment we are no longer searching for love; the love comes to us.

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