How To Feel Connected During Coronavirus

How to feel connected during corona virus c
Photo by Swapnil Dwivedi on Unsplash

For many of us, finding ways to feel connected during Coronavirus has been a challenge. As our connections with others have shifted to virtual—online dating, Zoom Happy Hours, digital ‘meet-ups’ with even our closest family and friends—it’s strange, and yet comforting to know that despite the physical distance, we can still be in touch with one another.

But what does it really mean to connect with one another when our major options are virtual? And how do we find people who are compatible if the only promise of an in-person meeting seems far off, or even stressful? 

Here are six small shifts you can make in your daily life to feel more connected (even if everything feels *off* right now):

Dive into a ‘soul search’ of WHO you are to find likeminded people

There’s no doubt about it: Coronavirus has made many of us feel strange. Whether we’ve become painfully aware of our bad habits, lost touch with friends who we weren’t that close with to begin with, or even found a lack of energy for the things we used to care so much about… it’s been a difficult time.

BUT sometimes our loneliness is less about the lack of in-person meetups and more about the awareness that we have changed or don’t quite fit the mold of our old lives anymore.

If you feel like you’ve been isolated emotionally from the people around you, try doing a little soul searching. When we shift and change as people, it can be hard to recognize ourselves, especially around people we’ve held close. Part of finding new relationships (or even rekindling old ones) is understanding where we don’t fit, what we desire, and what we actually care about in order to align ourselves with people who make more sense in our lives.

This isn’t a negative thing; in fact, we all will go through shifts in our friends, relationships, goals, and desires. Perhaps this was just brought to the light with the recent times.

Say ‘yes’ to something aligned with your passions

As you discover more of who you are and what you care about, a way to feel connected during Coronavirus is to really dive into those things. Say ‘yes’ to an online class, webinar, or socially-distanced event. Although it may seem more isolating (at least at first) to pursue a passion instead of a relationship, when you focus more on WHAT you enjoy it will help to bring likeminded people to your life.

Join virtual meet-ups, regardless of how *weird* they feel

It’s important to balance your self-care with your socialization, no doubt about that. However, you have to take advantage of virtual meet-ups and opportunities as they arise—regardless of how weird they feel.

When you put yourself out there, you make yourself available to potential opportunities. Joining different groups and activities is also a great way to feel connected during Coronavirus, especially if your *normal* events have all been cancelled or postponed.

Yes, you might feel weird. But that’s okay! Remember that other people are feeling just as weird as you are.

Take a personality test to understand your compatibilities

A great way to discover more about yourself and your connections with others is to take a personality test to understand who you are, what you care about, and who you may be compatible with

Sometimes we dive into relationships with people, not thinking that we might not actually make sense together. As the Coronavirus has presented us with a lack of in-person connection, it’s a great time to discover more about ourselves and the relationships we may want to pursue in the future.

Focus less on the physical and more on the intellectual connection

Contemporary dating apps often focus on the superficial characteristics first—photos, videos, ‘snapshots’ of everyday life—even social media plays a role in this competition mentality.

With in-person dating gone, there is a unique opportunity to get to know people for WHO they are as opposed to WHAT they look like. With Birdy, we prioritize this! Before you can even share photos with a person, you have to match based on personality types. This is a great way to get beyond the looks and more towards the soul connection. [Download our app today!]

Try something new

If you want to feel connected during Coronavirus, you have to understand that connection is weird—jump into something new where you can!

Whether it’s a virtual date or online conference, socially-distanced meeting at the park, or phone call with a love interest, get used to living outside of your comfort zone.

Although this is scary, keep in mind that it’s scary for everyone. You are not alone!