The 16 Personalities: What Dating Each Type Is Really Like

What it's like to date you

INTJ: Outwardly cold but inwardly a jumble of feelings. Acts like they don’t care, but they do. Analyzes your every move. Always straight-forward when they feel something is wrong in the relationship and love your honesty as well. Always know what they want and what you should do in every situation. Have long-term projects for both of you and will make them happen.

ESFP: Fun, delightful and attractive. Although they naturally bring everyone great experiences without even trying, it’s something they try hard for, especially for their significant person. You are quickly known by their many acquaintances. They show affection very honestly but also physically. Kind-hearted, romantic and unpredictable. They spontaneously and innocently remind you of their love for you. They desire to be the center of your attention and the subject of your desires.

INFJ: Aim for the most meaningful, fruitful and lasting relationships. Listen to you attentively, understand you better than yourself, analyze your emotions while absorbing them, and in the end become your most reliable friend, confidant and romantic lover. They might do everything for you, but they will disappear from your life if you betray them and never come back. 

ESTP: Attentive to your needs and open to serious discussion, but this is clearly not how they prefer to spend their time. Always on the lookout for exciting adventures, they seek to take you out of your roots and give you new experiences that you won’t easily forget. Charismatic and confident risk-takers and creators of surprises and parties. Be ready to discover a new taste of life.

INTP: Interested in everything you love. They will broaden your knowledge and confuse your mind on many subjects you thought you had formed a clear opinion on. They will share funny and random facts with you and their craziest (but somewhat intriguing) theories. They’ll withhold their feelings or share them way too much—there’s no in-between. They’ll reinvent your life for the better.

ESFJ: Anticipate all your needs so you don’t miss anything. Ready to do anything to make you happy and appreciated, sometimes at the cost of their own needs. Create and maintain habits out of things you love, as they know your preferences for everything. Bring positivity and energy into your daily life so that the good side of life becomes reason enough to never stop pursuing your goals.

ENTP: Always try to change the way you look at things, even if it suits them at first. Determined to help you grow as an individual but also bring fun and spontaneity in your life. Gentle and caring if you’re tired, and fun and provoking if you’re in a good mood (which means you’ll always have the perfect person to debate with). They’ll either hesitate to commit fully to the relationship or display serious loyalty.

ISFJ: Usually shy and hesitant to step outside their comfort zone, but once they do, they prove to be one of the most dedicated, empathetic and kind people you can know. Perfect balance between practical and emotional support. Full of charm and get along naturally with your friends and family. Very dedicated to your relationship and strive to put a smile on your face at all times.

ENFJ: Very interested in you and who you really are. Know your emotional needs so that they can take care of you like no one has ever done before. Embrace your differences, encourage you, and help you to make a difference in the world according to what you believe in. So supportive they might forget to support themselves. If you support them back, you’ll have  a healthy and lasting relationship.

ISTP: Always appear distant and mysterious, but they just don’t know how to deal with their feelings. Try to be affectionate with you, hoping that you realize and appreciate it. Fiercely independent and crave alone time to explore their many interests, but they simultaneously love you and will support you when you need them to fix something. Very direct and literal. Invite you on unique adventures you won’t want to miss.

ENTJ: Do their best to bring you success in every part of your life. Defend you fiercely against any kind of harm from others. Work for the future of your relationship as much as they do for their career, asking for recognition and dedication in return. Very honest with you (to a fault). Structure your relationship for its best. Aim to embody their vision of being the best partner.

ISFP: If they have chosen you, don’t confuse their shyness with a lack of deep feelings for you. They care very much about how they feel in the relationship and seek to break away from routine to make the spark between the two of you eternal. Always looking for new experiences to live and adventures to pursue. Highly sensitive and romantic, they dream of a future with you at their side—far from the rest— in their own paradise.

INFP: Slow to share with you the depth of their principles and beliefs, but they will do so once you have gained their trust. Demonstrate not only acceptance, but also a genuine interest in your core values. They will demonstrate unwavering loyalty, care and open-mindedness to you with unprecedented sensitivity and warmth. Their goal is to make their dreams of a perfect relationship come true.

ESTJ: Your eternal protectors. Take responsibility for all your practical needs. Have a boldness and love for you demonstrated by imposing very efficient solutions for each of your problems. They aim for a stable and comfortable situation with you, enough to start a prosperous family. Usually brutally honest and uncomfortable with their emotions, but they are very generous with time and gifts to make you happy every day.

ENFP: You only get bored if they fall asleep. Each conversation gives the impression of teleporting to another universe, sometimes going to another even if you haven’t fully explored the previous one. They enjoy intelligent and passionate debates about something they love. They have an uninterrupted flow of creativity, affection and love for you once they are fully engaged.

ISTJ: One of the most loyal partners you’ll ever know. Traditional and very serious about relationships. They will support you and help you achieve your goals while taking care of your safety, comfort and health, so that you don’t have to worry about anything but your objectives. Not the most romantic, but they are definitely the one you can count on.